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Posted on Jan 16 2022 - 6:19pm

TROOP Meeting this Monday, Jan 17th, 7:30 pm

We will be OnLine with "lots of fun stuff" - Raff and Matt leading
Watch your EMail for Meeting-Link and more information from Raff

MONTHLY OUTING - The Valley Forge Historic Hike will be next Sunday, Jan 23rd

We will leave from the Primary School 7:30 AM and return before 6 PM
More Information HERE

ASM Meeting - Thursday, Jan 20th, 7:30 pm via Zoom

Postponed from last week - Watch for more information and Meeting-Link in you emails

THE Patrol does First Service Project of 2022

Posted on Jan 9 2022 - 5:27pm

Popomora Point Park got THE Clean-Up from THE Patrol

This beach park in Atlantic Highlands at the upper end of the Henry Hudson Trail attracted Patrol Leader Hunter W's attention during the week when he spotted lots of garbage washed ashore (see before picture below).

The cleanup was scheduled at a patrol meeting but by Saturday the snow had come and the temperature had dropped making the job much more "interesting".

Some tips from Hunter for planning your own Patrol Project.

    1. Have Scouts show up to patrol meetings
    2. Go when there is no snow

Scouts included Hunter, Ryan, Harry and Alex P.

Adult support from Mrs. Leslie P  &  Mrs. Maria W.

( Click HERE if you don't see the pictures below )

Before it snowed:

Finding the trash after the storm was a little like a "treasure" hunt

Job Done

UPDATE - Info from Recent Leader's Meetings

Posted on Dec 26 2021 - 9:14am

NOTE:  New ASM Meeting Minutes HERE

Minutes from 2021 Leader Meetings  -  Recent Updates in GREEN

You can catch up

if you missed any recent PLC, ASM or Troop Committee Meeting

ALL The latest minutes are kept in Files > MINUTES

with most recent at the top

In this same Folder you can also find programs from past Courts of Honor

and Troop Charters (members) from past years.

Scout Skills Challenge

Posted on Dec 13 2021 - 2:33pm

OLDER Scouts  passing it on

YOUNGER Scouts learning the skills

and Ranking Up

Saturday Dec 11th at Quail Hill

Orienteering and Hiking were the main subjects of the day but also Conservation Instruction on Tread Lightly and Leave no Trace.   

After instructions and lunch, everyone did the Quail Hill Orienteering Course and then additional hiking for the First Class requirement.

Scouts Attending: Ethan B, Ryan B, Harry B, Rafferty B, Chris D, Jacob D, Austin G, Thomas H, Lorenzo M, Alexey N, Jai P, Krish P, Alex P, Adam U, Nate U, Jacob U, Samson U & Hunter W.

Adults:  Mrs. Bailey, Mr. DellaRosa, Mr. Finnegan, Mrs. Gerrity, Mr. Huey, Mr. Iannaccone, Mr. Mayer, Mr. Uveges & Mrs. Wagner

Click HERE if you don't see the photos below (thanks to Mrs. Gerrity & Mr. Finnegan):

Instructions from Samson:

Planning the Course:


First Marker Found:

Hiking Along Kiely Pond:

Scouts Complete Leadership Training

Posted on Dec 12 2021 - 1:16pm

Congratulations for Leadership Training

Den Chief Training:  Chris D,  Jacob D,  Austin G,  Thomas H,  Krish P  &  Hunter W

Patrol Leader Skills:  Alex P

Serving on Staff for PLS:  Brandon D,  Tyler D,  River M,  Gavin N,  Jacob N  &  Damian S

The Four Aims of Scouting are:  Character Development,  Leadership Development,  Citizenship Training  and  Personal Fitness

These courses prepare Scouts for Successful Leadership assignments in the Troop

and For Leadership in Life

NEW - Eagle Required Merit Badge

Posted on Dec 5 2021 - 8:03am

Citizenship in SOCIETY

Another Citizenship Merit Badge?  It makes sense.   The Four Aims of Scouting areCharacter Development, Leadership Development, Citizenship Training and Personal Fitness.  All four are repeatedly emphasized in the Scouting program.

Scouts completing the Eagle Rank after June 30th this year will need this Merit Badge.  This may be good reason for a few to hurry up and finish.

But,  this Merit Badge is one worth having on your sash.  And, it could be fun to earn with a group.

What's unique about this badge?  There is No Merit Badge Book!  You can see the requirements HERE.  Self study and discussion with the counselor and with other Scouts will be the main mode of learning.

Does this mean that 22 Merit Badges are required now for Eagle?  It hasn't been said yet but if history repeats, the total required will still be 21 with one less elective.

Bryan on Scouting has an extensive discussion on the Citizenship in Society MB and there is a Fact Sheet HERE .



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